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How it works:

I'd create a website called "Dirt Racer" for example, or whatever you like. The address would be something like or an e-mail account reflecting the name would be included.   I would set up the web account with password and  create a home (starting) page. All your contact info, name, phone, mailing address, etc., would be on there as well as info about your team and racecar(s). Create a pictures page with 10-20 pics that you select on there. Perhaps some still shots of your car, or shop as well as racing photos. Create a links page if you like or a page about your sponsor or sponsors.  That gives them more exposure. Your website is now on line! If the site meets your approval, pay me and I hand the site to you, you can now manage it yourself, with the password that you can change.  The exact charge will depend on how much you want done.  Probably about $100 for what I've described. You don't like it, you pay nothing and I scrap the page.  I'm out a bunch of work and you are out nothing!

If you don't know how to update the site or just want me to do it.  Update costs will depend on how often and how much you change.  Just adding quick race results or a pic or two will cost $5-10.

What if you want to become or 

Do like I did, to become, I went to and paid them $35 a year, I get a really nice e-mail account and url redirection.  Simply put, with url redirection, the web surfer enters and it goes automatically to your or your address.  No one will know the difference.

Or if you want to get REALLY SERIOUS and go all the way, get webhosting for $95 a year like my site!!


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