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Frequently asked Questions

  1. How do I join GOTRA... ?
  2. Where can I watch GOTRA races ... ?
  3. Why doesn't GOTRA allow larger engines, like the 350 Chevy... ?
  4. Who is in charge of GOTRA... ?
  5. What does a typical GOTRA car cost ... ?
  6. Do you race these cars or perform exhibition races ?
  7. How do I contact GOTRA... ?

How do I join GOTRA... ?

Send a check or money order to GOTRA c/o John Ferguson, 1715 North Maxwell, Fremont, Ne. 68025.  You don't have to be a racer to join!!

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Where can I watch GOTRA races ... ?

Check out our schedule page for all the currently scheduled GOTRA events.

Racing Schedule
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Why doesn't GOTRA allow 350 Chevy engines... ?

SAFETY and COST.  The 350 offers considerable performance advantages over it's older and smaller counterparts.  These old chassis just weren't designed to operate with the power of a 350 strapped into them.  The newer chassis aren't as original to the old days or as cheap as an old frame.  There is a fine line to tread that often becomes clouded even with rules which are designed to keep the cars nostalgic in appearance and concept.  While the 350 is cheaper and more plentiful than the smaller older engines, preventing 377 and 383 engines becomes more difficult without an expensive cubic inch tester.  The old blocks are much easier to identify.

See the Rules page for complete rules.
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Who is in charge of GOTRA... ?

John Ferguson is the leader of the GOTRA group.  He does get input from the steering committee, but the buck stops at John Ferguson.

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What does a GOTRA car cost ... ?

GOTRA cars vary as much in price as they do in appearance.  A GOTRA car can cost as little as $1500 to $2000 to build or as much as $6,000 - ?? to buy.  We currently have several for sale in the $2500 to $4500 range.  This is one of the cheapest forms of dirt racing and certainly one of the most interesting.

Check out our FOR SALE page for ready to race GOTRA cars!!
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Do you race these cars or perform exhibition races ... ?

These cars are raced!!  Make no mistake about that!!  Anyone who watches can testify to to that fact.  While we do race the cars hard, our philosophy is to have fun.  If it ain't fun, what's the point of racing at all??

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How do I contact GOTRA ... ?

Send us an e-mail!!!  Contact John Ferguson at

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