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Backyard Racing Team

Cars For Sale!!

Buy one of these cars dang nab it!! Coupes are by far the least expensive race car you can campaign on dirt!!  I just saw a cruiser (2 man racecar) on for $6500!!

For Sale!!  The Bonney's have a bunch of flathead motors (10 or 11) for sale! One is all race ready with two carbs and race goodies.  All are reasonably priced. Contact them:

 For Sale!! I need to sell my 62 T-Birds to raise money for the racecars.  As much as I dislike the idea, I have to do it.  One is a licensed, running car with nice tires and wheels.  It needs rear quarter patch panels and some restoration. The second is a donor car with a very good body, no interior and no bumpers that I bought for the quarters.  Between the two and with a little fix-up (and plenty of labor).  You'd have one very nice bird and a LOT of good parts to sell. $2500 gets BOTH cars!  These bullet birds are worth 10-15,000 fixed up.  Check Deals on Wheels, they usually have one for sale.  Contact 

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Sold!! 1932 Chevy sedan, Click for bigger picture. 305 chevy, 3sp trans, quick change, center steer, 4 wheel disk brakes.  Great looking car.  Call Vic at 479-273-9146.


Sold!! jims_hauler1.jpg (28725 bytes)  jims_hauler2.jpg (36496 bytes)  jims_hauler3.jpg (34059 bytes)  1974 Chevy C30 quadcab air conditioned. Has a Hodges commercial steel deck, will load a very low clearance car. Has polished aluminum deflector wing to keep those bugs off your car! Built in steel ramps. Under deck storage. 12,000 lb winch will drag even a broken car on board. Great running 454 engine has replacement Mr Goodwrench short block 12,000 miles ago. Turbo 400 trans. Hi-torque starter, ceramic coated headers and full exhaust system! Weld polished aluminum wheels all around. Good tires. Air horns. Tinted glass. Very nice red paint and gray custom interior. Dual gas tanks, 80 gallons total. Over 12,000 invested, Asking $9800.00. Located in Thurman Iowa. Really a must see hauler, gets lots of attention everywhere it goes. Contact

SOLD!!  The 66 car is sold. 1934 Ford sedan. 66blur.jpg (139616 bytes) 9 inch Ford, Rolling chassis, The interior of the 66 car. minus motor, trans,  radiator. Here is the short cut to the racetrack!! Too much to list, $2500.  $4000 complete and race ready.  Has been raced in 2003.  Meets current GOTRA rules. see how it was built.  Contact  

SOLD!! 1934 ford sedan race ready with 350 chevy, chevy rear end car built by Ed Daufeldt out of Tipton, Iowa. $4500 Would need motor change to meet GOTRA rules. Contact 

SOLD!! 40 Pontiac coupe, pretty much complete. NOT a stock car.... yet. $500, the car is in SW Missouri. Contact 

SOLD!! My friend, Wray Fisher of Stover, Missouri has a 32 Chevy sedan for sale.  It is $400.00.  I'll get more details from him and post them here.  Contact  or

SOLD!! 39 Ford coupe stockcar.  It is sitting on a '73 Ford F150 chassis. Front disc brakes 9in ford rear end. A 250 chevy "6"with cross over headers an RV cam, two barrel holly, an alum. intake manifold. A 350 turbo trans. Not real fast but never breaks or gets hot. Makes it finish all the races it starts at or near the top. Would like $2900. The car is  in Az. Would need very little to meet GOTRA rules. WENT RACING IN ENGLAND!! 

SOLD!!  1939 chevy sedan that has been chopped and channeled, it has a franklin quick change, weight jacks, coil overs, straight axle, new radiator, set up for small chevy, have parts to go with, this is a very nice car, no junk (per owner).  Would need some mods to meet GOTRA rules. Car is in Yankton, So Dakota. Contact 

Search "DIRTSEARCH" for parts, cars or anything race related here:

I have had requests to add a parts page and to advertise racecars of non-members.  Due to the time required, I have avoided listing parts and rarely list a non GOTRA-member car.  I have concluded that the only way to fulfill these requests and justify my time is to charge a nominal fee.

Lotsa cars have sold here.  So…. Sell your racecar or parts on this site!!


No charge for GOTRA members!  

For non-members the cost is $15 dollars with a photo and 75 words or less, $10 with no photo and 75 words or less.  Add $5 per each additional photo.  Your ads run until cancelled by you or 90 days.   Include your contact info (not counted in 75 word limit).

SAVE 5 BUCKS! E-mail the ad and .jpg scan(s) to and send payment to the address below and deduct $5 from the total cost of the ad. 


To place an ad via snail mail, send ad contents with photo(s) as required with a check or money order payable to:

Dan Franks  

10 Shore Acres Rd
Council Bluffs, Ia. 51501

Please NOTE: Photos will not be returned.

Parts For Sale!!


FOR SALE: I recently bought a couple of pickup loads of really old parts. Model "A" dash rails(3), these are steel not 'glass and are like new $35.00 each.  Two Model "A" transmissions and bell housings (shifters too) $50.00 and $75.00. Model "T" roadster door, looks complete and real good shape $75.00. More to come as I sort through this stuff and try to identify it. Fender braces, headlight bucket assemblies, roadster windshield frames, old carburetors, engine crank handles and more.... Prices do not include any shipping charges. Contact

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