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Webster City 2003


These photos were all taken by my friend Scott Gillette.


04wc-pic01.jpg (23413 bytes)  04wc-pic02.jpg (24856 bytes)

Left photo above, Wray Fisher's #2 driven by Dave Snedeger, winner of first coupe "A" Feature and the 29 car of Kenny Gasgow won the other coupe "A" Feature. This was a heat or something.


04wc-pic03.jpg (35212 bytes)  04wc-pic04.jpg (65980 bytes)

Right Photo above, "full bodies" in the background.


04wc-pic05.jpg (39165 bytes)  04wc-pic06.jpg (38217 bytes)

Right photo above.  Although this photo isn't from the feature, believe it or not, the Devil Woman actually led a few laps of the "A" before it quit with an ignition problem. Dave Snedeger went on to the win. 

Full Bodies

04wc-pic07.jpg (38997 bytes)  04wc-pic08.jpg (62079 bytes)

04wc-pic09.jpg (60802 bytes)

Photo above the #3 Ford won the full bodied "A" feature.


 04wc-pic10.jpg (48991 bytes)

04wc-pic11.jpg (40534 bytes)  GOTRA Hotshoe Kenny Gaskow watches the sprints.