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    Mi nombre es Al Franks. Yo quiero ver su nalgas por favor! Yo estoy ... oops!!! I don't speak spanish!

A little about me...... I am a retired diesel shop foreman for Farmland Industries. I am a person.

I like to do things, and some of these things are even fun. When I'm not doing things, I like to sit. Sit and eat. Or perhaps eat and sit. Sitting is fun sometimes. I'm a very good sitter!!

Seriously, I do enjoy stock car racing in it's many forms. I help my sons and grandson with their vintage modifieds. We all belong to the Good Ol' Time Racing Association, dedicated to the preservation and racing of vintage stock cars (1928 -48). I would like to drive one again someday, if they'll let me out of the home long enough!

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I live with 20 people. We eat the pets together. I ate a dog and a cat. No, not really. We pretty much eat normal things.


My friends are cool - but they don't have Tripod pages! Most don't have computers!!! They don't trust technology. Do you?? Most of my friends still use smoke signals.


I like swimming, fishing, hiking, skiing, snorkeling, big game hunting (only in Africa!), discovering new tribes and converting heathens to Christianity!!

In my spare time I eat.