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Backyard Racing Team

2001 Racing Photos

Dan Franks here (webmaster/racer guy).  We finally  added  a few pics from 2001 taken by track photographers. We didn't take as many pics this year as we should have. A lot of this stuff is on the Backyard Racing Page, except the trophy pic (I'm rather fond of that one). Anyway... we'll see what we can do with it!


00avoca2001b.jpg (50040 bytes)

Here is my coupe winning our heat race at Avoca, Iowa on July 4th, 2001.  I was lucky enough to draw pole.  Larry Aldrich was all over my back bumper the whole race.

00avoca2001a.jpg (40478 bytes)

John Ferguson holding the checkered flag over me during driver introductions at intermission.  Behind us is John's model A that he rolled the night before at Alta.  Hard to imagine rolling a racecar in an exhibition!!  Don't believe everything you hear about GOTRA.  See the racing for yourself!!!


00avoca2001.jpg (44879 bytes)

This is the Devil Woman running third in the feature, just before leaving the track with an overheated engine.  Dennis Hundley won with his flathead and Rich Anderson was second.

2000 Racing Photos

Al Franks, Dan Franks, Jeremy Franks


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Racing action at US30 in Columbus, Ne. Bob French is in the #5 car, Larry Aldrich in the #33, and Jeremy Franks in the #66.

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Racing action at US30 in Columbus, Ne. Steve Delevan is in the #12, Dan Franks in the #00, and Howard Sheets is in the #17.

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Racing action at US30 in Columbus, Ne. Me again...

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Racing action at US30 in Columbus, Jeremy again...


1999 Racing Photos



Car Number 00, 1946 Ford Coupe, is powered by a Chevy 327 with mechanical cam, stock pistons and rods etc.. Truly a junkyard motor with a racing cam! Her first night was at US 30 Speedway in Columbus, Ne. in late 1999. We finally got her on the track and she was fast. She was very fast, she went right to the lead ....for a few laps. She had a fuel supply problem. The engine kept dying and restarting, dying and get the picture. I had to leave the race.


My dear old Dad, slaving over a hot racecar!

We tried a few things and got her to Webster City Iowa for the 1999 Vintage Nationals there. She ran real hard. Although the power steering died, I came in 8th out of 24 cars. I have a photos page with Webster City pics. Look for your favorite car there. I may have of photo of it. You'll find some more pics of the Devil Woman there as well (imagine that!).



In spite of my lack of driving skills, here's the Devil Woman, coming out of turn 2, winning the race!


We raced at the US 30 Speedway in the "Abe" Lincoln Memorial 9-25-99. We won our heat and the trophy dash before missing the "A" feature with a flat tire. It was still a good night. I had never won a trophy dash before. What a thrill!! The folks at U.S. 30 are very good to GOTRA. They scheduled us 4 or 5 times per year, it is the closest thing to a home track that we have (cause we love them too!).


Is this trophy chick cute or what??!! Hey!..... is she grabbing my butt?




1998 Racing Photos


Here's the ol' sedan in action in'98.

GOTRA- Good Ol' Time Racing is group of racers dedicated to preserving and racing vintage dirt track race cars. To reach GOTRA, e-mail us at

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