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Hi vintage racing fans.  The Good Ol' Time Racing Association, races 1928 through 1948 coupes and sedans.

  Currently, we have over 70 members in 4 states with about 40 race ready cars. GOTRA is about rescuing, rebuilding, and restoring old race cars. We update them in most cases to the early 1960's.  Basically, we try to keep the cars as true to the "Good Ol' Times" as possible. Naturally,  concessions to originality are made for safety.

I have often been asked by folks who haven't seen a GOTRA race, "Do you parade these cars on the track?" or "Do you put on exhibition races?". No sir, make no mistake about it, we RACE these cars. We have the roll-overs, dents, blown motors and a totalled out coupe or two to prove it. 

While we do race these cars hard, GOTRA isn't about winning at the expense of another car or driver.  If you HAVE to win, perhaps IMCA stocks, modifieds or NASCAR late models are a better choice for you.

Some of the GOTRA family in '99

These are photos of some of our member cars.


Click to go to Dan's build page!!

Dan Franks #00
Webmaster and all round good guy (just ask me!).  The 'Devil Woman' has a 327 Chevy for power. I hope to beat all the mechanical bugs that have haunted me in the past, attend some races and have a good year in 2001. I have been a racing member since 1997. Click on the racecar to view the Devil Woman build page.


gotra5.jpg (76949 bytes)

Bob French  #5
It's hard to tell who's more vintage, the #5 car or Bob!! Bob is a hard charger who probably used to race to church! Another of our "Ol' Time" racers, Bob hasn't forgotten the fast way around the oval and shows the rest of us how it's done every week. The '35 Plymouth coupe is Ford 300 six powered now.


gotra12w.jpg (24444 bytes)

Steve Delevan #12
A father and son team, Dad (Ken)  bought the 12 car in about '98 and Son (Steve) drives it. The 39 Ford is small block Chevy powered and has gotten faster every year. The Delevans are seen at nearly every GOTRA event.


gotra17s.jpg (18297 bytes)

Howard Sheets #17
Howard Sheets, 46 Ford coupe.  Howard has been a member for many years.  He used to run a 300 Ford six, but has a 327 now I believe.  He is a very good driver in a competitive racecar, a tough combination to beat.


gotra29.jpg (68689 bytes)

Jim Hansen #29
Living in sunny Arizona now, Jim has quite a haul to make in the "Garfield" car to race with GOTRA. He did just that in 1999 and 2000.  The Garfield car is for sale!!  Jim is very fast and has a shot at winning any race he enters. Another nice guy, Jim is quieter than most but does his talking on the track.

gotra31s.jpg (19874 bytes)

John Ferguson #31
John Ferguson, our promoter, drives a 37 Chevy sedan.  John has done another great job of scheduling race events again this year. It's going to be another exciting season of vintage racing. Click on the 31 car to see John's page!

Click here to see denny's page.....

Denny Taylor  #32
Denny has been a member since 1998.  The 32 Chevy coupe is powered by a newly rebuilt 327 Chevy.  Denny is a member of the steering committee for GOTRA for a second year.   This car and trailer is for sale.


Click here to see Larry's page....

Larry Aldrich #33
The 33 car is 327 Chevy powered. Always a contender, Larry is getting faster each season. "PLUM CRAZY" about racing, Larry has won a few races, giving him more success than most and he deserves it. Another of those nice guys that GOTRA is blessed with, Larry is always willing to help out. Larry has been a member since 1997. Click on the 33 car to see Larry's homepage.


Click to see Jim's web page...

Jim Scheffler #69
Owner/Driver Jim Scheffler's  39 Plymouth  has a 327 engine,  350 Automatic Transmission and a  quick change rear.. Click on the coupe to go to Jim's webpage.


gotra36s.jpg (11582 bytes)

Steve Hultgren #36
Steve Hulgren,  36 plymouth coupe, (I think).  Powered by a 327 Chevy . This car is for sale.



Click to go to the Bonney's page!!

Paula Bonney #47
You racing fans that subscribe to "Stockcar Racing Magazine" may have noticed a lady vintage racer at the back of the January issue.  That was Paula Bonney, car #47. Paula drives  this Ford 300 6 banger powered '47 Ford coupe that has vintage roots.  This car is for sale.  Click on the racecar to view the Bonney's page.


gotra48s.jpg (12924 bytes)

Ron Stohlmann #48
  Ron Stohlmann, '48 Plymouth coupe.  powered by small block Chevy.



Click to go to Carroll's page!!
Carroll Behlen #55
Carroll is one of our longtime members and also servers on the steering committee.  Always a hard charger, Carroll is a very nice guy as well. Click on the coupe to view Carroll's page.


Click to go to Dennis' page!!
Dennis Wittuhn #58
Dennis Wittuhn is one of our newer members.  But also one of our most enthusiastic. The 32 Hudson is powered by a 305 Chevy. Click on the Hudson to view Dennis' page.


Click to go to Jeremy's build page!!

Jeremy Franks #66
Although still a rookie by any definition, Jeremy has potential and that desire to race and preserve the old cars that GOTRA is all about. He has a fast car under him but mechanical failures have plagued Jeremy time and again. 
Hopefully, 2001 will be his year!! Click on the racecar to view the 66 build page.


gotra77s.jpg (15046 bytes)
Dick Gappa #77
Probably our senior member and definitly our fastest!  When the checkered flag drops, Dick is the one to beat. Dick has won more races than any other GOTRA member.  The # 77 is a 33 Chevy coupe that is Chevy 250 straight six powered.  Dick is a 'smooth' racer, he makes going fast look like a 'Sunday drive'.  


gotra81as.jpg (19799 bytes)

Rich Ferguson #81
Ever hear the expression, "He's the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet!"?? ...They're talking about Rich. In a group chock full of nice guys, he still stands out!! Everyone's favorite, Rich  joined the "Rollover Club" at Webster City in 1999.


Click to go to Wray's page!!
Wray Fisher #86
Our newest member, long time builder Wray Fisher from the K.C. area.  Wray built cars for many years in California and is  currently building a new GOTRA car.  Hopefully, it will be racing in 2001. Click on the coupe to view Wray's page.


gotra93s.jpg (20497 bytes)

Wes Cerveny #93c
Car 93c: Wes Cerveny

gotra95.jpg (55135 bytes)

Jerry Lee Bonney #95
Piloting the only flathead GOTRA car, Jerry Lee has one of the most "vintage" racecars in the midwest. The car has been raced in the Bonney family for...well, a coon's age or better!!! Click on the coupe to view the Bonney's page.

gotra155w.jpg (24779 bytes)

Dave Snedeger #155
Dave Snedeger, 39 Ford coupe I believe.  It's the old V-8 car and has a long track history. Powered by a small block Chevy these days, this car has seen many motors over the years.  Dennis is one of our Missouri members.