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...THANKS FOR VISITING!!.........GOTRA WILL HOST THE CORNHUSKER VINTAGE NATIONALS Sept 5,6,7 ........... UPDATED.... The Playland Speedway Page...LOTS OF CHANGES!! Check it out from the Backyard Racing Page................ UPDATED ....Backyard Racing Page.... .... ..UPDATED......Check it out!!.....


Dedicated to my late father and inspiration, Al Franks...


Dad's favorite picture.  He asked for it in the hospital.  The 'Devil Woman' looking into the sunset....

Car #00, the "Devil Woman" '46 Ford Coupe!!


GOTRA isn't for the vintage racer that has to win.

 GOTRA is for the vintage racer that has to RACE!

Thanks for visiting our humble website! Dan Franks here, webmaster and part time racer. D

My current job involves some travel, mainly to Atlanta and San Antonio. I'll be traveling occasionally to Hampton, Va. as well. If you live in or near these cities, drop me a line and maybe we can get together or at least talk on the phone. I haven't been able to devote much time to the web page. I apologize to those waiting on me to add stories to the Playland page. I will try to get to this page more often.

Our promotor's name is John Ferguson. He and his wife Cheryl keep GOTRA going.  To reach John or Cheryl, e-mail them at

John has worked with US30 Speedway in Columbus, Ne. to premier the first CORNHUSKER VINTAGE NATIONALS, to be held Sept 5,6,7.  

THIS IS AN OPEN VINTAGE EVENT!   Click on the logo for details...


Bookmark our "mirror" site at When one site isn't available, the other one should be... you'll always be able to look at old racecars.

 Our promoter's name is John Ferguson. John and his wife Cheryl have done a wonderful job. GOTRA is also assisted by our pit stewards, as well as tech inspectors, when I get their names I'll recognize them here.  Thanks to all of the guys for their support. And most importantly, thanks to all you great fans of old cars who visit the tracks and keep these cars racing. Without your support, they would vanish into the woods again!!

  You can see  GOTRA member cars on the Members page.

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Put your feet up, open a cold one and check out the Pages Contained on this site: If you can't find a page you were looking for, try the Backyard Racing page.  I have moved some pages there.

GOTRA MEMBERS PAGE... .....Pics and bios.   I'm always rebuilding this page, watch for updates.  GOTRA members..  Send me a few scans of your car and some driver/team info and I'll create a page for you.   

GOTRA RACING PHOTOS PAGE... ......   Look for your favorite car on this page of racing pics. many date back to 1997.  


GOTRA 2002 Racing Schedule ....Check out our schedule here. IT IS HUGE! The dates are tentative with more dates to come.

GOTRA 2002 Racing Results....Check out some of the results from the 2002 season here.

Frequently asked Questions page....Check out some FAQ's here.

BACKYARD RACING TEAM page ....The Playland Speedway Page is here as well as Pics of our cars, shop and a few toys!!

1999 Vintage Racecar Reunion Photos ....Held at Webster City was interesting. Maybe your favorite car was there.

Racing Links Page ....Click here for links to other great Racing Sites. Vintage stock car racing is growing all over America!!!!

I guess I should mention here that although I do devote considerable time, energy and some money to support GOTRA on these pages, this website is primarily to promote the Backyard Racing Team and the vintage racing scene I love. Any comments, editorial or otherwise are mine..... not GOTRA's.

If you recognize any of the cars displayed on our pages, can provide the history of any of them, or want to tell me of a Vintage stock car club or event, email me at

Special thanks to my dad, Al Franks.  I race for him.  Although he passed on, he's still with me in spirit.  I think of him constantly. We did so many things together. Those days are gone forever.

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