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My Toys
..........Past and Present


Toys, can't live with them.

Can't live without them.



The garden tractor from Hell!  I bought it for Dad to drive in the pits, but he couldn't sit on it comfortably.

The little demon is powered by a 20 hp Wisconsin high rpm 4-cycle motor. It has a Model 'A' trans and a very narrowed 47 Ford rear.



rail01.jpg (53151 bytes)The dragster I owned and bench raced for 8 years.  It was built by the Moss brothers in Omaha for the 1962 season.  

rail02.jpg (53247 bytes)It had a 428 Buick nailhead that started life as a 401.  It had a 6-71 Isky blower and Enderle fuel injection.

rail03.jpg (54796 bytes)Real magnesium rims Eddie?  Yes and it had M&H Racemaster Dragster slicks that hadn't been spun in anger.

rail04.jpg (47134 bytes)The rear view. It had a chute but our dog ate it! Just like my homework.

rail05.jpg (50559 bytes)The slingshot had lots of chrome, axle, radius rods, steering arm and linkage.  It had a cute little moon tank up front and lots of braided line.

rail06.jpg (38729 bytes)The moon gas pedal, chrome hand brake and chrome direct drive housing can be seen here.



dakota02.jpg (53337 bytes)dakota01.jpg (57973 bytes) This is my 2001 Limited Edition Dodge Motorsports Dakota.  It has a 4.7L V-8, 5-speed trans and 3.55 posi rear.  It is 1 of 5000 Motorsports  trucks built.  They were mid year introductions and only made in 2001.   So, it's a rare truck!


cruiser02.jpg (59850 bytes)cruiser01.jpg (52445 bytes)This is Wifey's 2001 PT Cruiser.  We ordered it from the factory and waited for months to get it.  It's the Touring Edition with 4 wheel disk brakes and ABS, traction control, remote locks and alarm system, etc.


mustang01.jpg (31194 bytes)My 1967 Mustang has a 302 cu. in. motor from a 1983 Mustang GT and original auto trans.  It will haul butt!


austin01.jpg (41533 bytes)This is a picture of the Austin I owned for many years.  It is Jeremy's now and sits in a garage at a rental house. I drove it with a Datsun 4-cylinder, 4-speed.  Currently there is a 350 Chevy sitting in it.

rail07.jpg (36674 bytes)Jeremy is saying his goodbyes to the rail.  Two guys from Lincoln were on their way to purchase it.

rail08.jpg (33755 bytes)My Z-28, Austin and 67 Mustang (hiding in the rear) are all in this shot.