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1996-31.jpg (20658 bytes)
John Ferguson's old coupe, now #50.


1997-47and34.jpg (21612 bytes)
Not sure who 47 was then, 34 is Dan Matson, no longer a mamber.  34 is now 66 driven by Jeremy Franks.


These racing photos were taken by Jerry Adams of J and C photography who gave them  to me at Avoca, Iowa 7-04-01. 

Most are from 1997, the rest are from Sunset in 2000.  I guess I should have asked Jerry for the tracks and approximate dates.

Some of these cars and drivers are no longer GOTRA members. I don't know all of them or may be wrong on those i "think" I recognize. Please feel free to correct my mistakes.  If you recognize them let me know,

For you GOTRA members that still haven't sent me any pics of your car, shame, shame.  Join the fun and get your photos to me.  You can snail mail them to Dan Franks, 1408 East South Omaha Bridge Road, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 51501.

I will add more racing pics here as I get them.  The member pages will still open form the members page.

1997-50and29.jpg (20974 bytes)
#50, Spence Wedberg, #29 Jim Hansen.


1997-81and31.jpg (22611 bytes)
#81 Rich Ferguson, #31 John ferguson.Both are now members of the "Rollover Club".  John joined the club, July3, 2001.


1997-95and38.jpg (22277 bytes)
#95 Jerry Bonney, #38 Deb Lund.


1997-dan1.jpg (22296 bytes)
#1 Dan Franks, 1997

1997-v8and1.jpg (28555 bytes)
#V8 Doug Wilkening, #1 Dan Franks


gotra05.jpg (22808 bytes)
#5 Bob French

gotra81rich.jpg (23857 bytes)
#81 Rich Ferguson


sunset00.jpg (29325 bytes)
#00 Dan Franks, Sunset Speedway's Last  Sunset, 2000.
sunset20and36.jpg (31056 bytes)

#20 Dan Baker, #36  Steve Hulgren, Sunset Speedway's Last  Sunset, 2000.

sunset31and12.jpg (31724 bytes)
#31 John Ferguson, #12 Steve Delevan, Sunset Speedway's Last  Sunset, 2000.
sunset48and95.jpg (37402 bytes)
#48Ron Stohlman, #95 Jerry Bonney (the Chevy powered one), Sunset Speedway's Last  Sunset, 2000.
sunset4and17.jpg (28926 bytes)
#4 Unknown, #17 Howard Sheets, Sunset Speedway's Last  Sunset, 2000.
sunset77.jpg (32857 bytes)
#77 the legendary Dick Gappa, Sunset Speedway's Last  Sunset, 2000.
jandcphoto.jpg (11617 bytes)
Jerry's business card, JandC Photography.