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Bill bought the Garfield car and freshened it up for 2002. Although Bill has been with GOTRA for a short time, he wasted no time becoming a member of the "Rollover Club". He gets a kick out of racing and his enthusiasm shows at the track.

Bill's brother, Bob is getting a car ready for the 2003 season.  Both brothers will be carrying on a racing tradition started by their father.

Bob wrote:

Hi Dan, I read the e-mail I sent you, not only did me and Bill make that race in Columbus I got so excited I purchased a 37 chevy from Wes Cervan and I am in the process of building it for the 2003 season. I raced Bill's car in 3 races last year and I was able to race against you at Columbus, time does fly, I think this is a great club and wish my Dad was here to enjoy it with me and Bill. I don't believe Dad raced at Playland as Mom doesn't remember going there . He raced down in Grandville I think that's the name and a track In Iowa across from the south Omaha bridge my Uncle used to laugh at him and tell us a story about him going over the bank and into the frog pond. I will send you this pic. of Dad and one of is cars its the only pic we have left Mom said in those days they couldn't afford to take a lot of pics. and develop them.

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