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Guy Sheffler

Car #69


gotra69s.jpg (14609 bytes)

This is the 69 car of Guy Sheffield. As you can see is is a very sharp car.  What you can't see is that this car screams!!

gotra69.jpg (14716 bytes)

Guy is the owner and driver of the 
1939 Plymouth coupe. The motor is a 327 chevy.  It has a  350 turbo trans. and Jones quick change rearend.  

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Let's let Guy tell you about this car:

 "Last year my son Tony and I raced the car , and I have to say that I was more than satisfied with the way the car handled for it is the first time that I have ever built a vintage stock car....  Tony drove the car at the final Sunset in Omaha and he took first place in the A Feature out of about 29 coupes and sedans".