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Dennis Witthuhn... Car #58

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The car is owned by Spence Wedberg owner and driver of the #50. The 
1932 Hudson was made into a race car by Bill Schuler to race at 
Arlington in the early 50'S.  It later raced at Sunset Speedway in Omaha, Ne. and Sioux 
City, Iowa. It was rescued from a farm field in 1995 by the Fergusons and has been 
racing with GOTRA for 4 years. It's powered by a chevy 305 V8 and Chevy 
Powerglide automatic transmission and Ford 9" rear end.

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Jeff Ferguson drove the car it's first two seasons with GOTRA, Dennis 
Witthuhn drove the car in the 2000 season and will drive again this year. 
Dennis started racing in 1965 with go-carts and in 1969 raced at Sunset.

Soon he was drafted into the Army. While in the army in Europe he raced in the 
class just under formula one on tracks in Holland and Belgium and Germany 
from 1972 to 1976. Dennis came to GOTRA totally by accident. He was working 
for a local radio station several years ago and interviewed John Ferguson when the group first 
got started. 

Dennis says, "I fell in love with the old cars all over again and find this 
bunch to be the best of people. I'm looking forward to this season and even 
plan on winning one or two races". 

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"My Dad Albert built cars for the Old Arlington and Sunset tracks in 
the 50's.  I still remember going to the races with my dad and I remember how 
mad he got when someone wrecked one of the cars he worked on. 
He would be happy with me, we drove the car on the trailer after every race 
last year".

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