John Ferguson

Car #31


John's new ride!!

Here is John's racecar.  It's a 1935 Chevy Master Deluxe Sedan. I don't know any details about it yet.  John and his wife Cheryl are from Fremont, USA.... I mean Nebraska.  To say that John is the promoter of GOTRA is an understatement.  John and Cheryl are GOTRA.  They are responsible for most of the race schedules as well as organizing everyone at the track.  It's a big job.

gotra31as.jpg (12855 bytes)

John drove the 1931 Model 'A' sedan #31 or 'coach' as they call them back east.  He destroyed it in a nasty rollover in 2001.  Yes, he is now a member of the rollover club...   He practices what he preaches and races for FUN.

Son Jeff Ferguson helps with the car and with GOTRA duties in general.

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