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Pictures and text supplied by Wayne Urffer
bauscher.jpg (29672 bytes).

#91 Mustang driven by Paul Bauscher, the "Flying Farmer," a full-time dairy farmer. Bauscher won the Dorney Park Late Model Division points title in 1972, 1973 & 1974. He was a good Sportsman driver, but never as consistent as he was in the Late Models. Over the years he won quite a few "Most Popular Driver" awards at the Park.

buzzy.jpg (29220 bytes)

Car #95 was driven by "Buzzy" Rabenold. He almost always ran near the front in this quick, nimble car. Probably my favorite sedan at the Park.

dorney/cicon.jpg (27518 bytes)

#43 driven by Dave Cicon. Aside from the old coupes and coaches, this was my favorite car ever at Dorney Park. Dave always kept it immaculately clean and straight, and I loved the colors. Although I consider myself a "Chevy guy," I always had a soft spot for the last Ford-powered Sportsman at the Park. To top it all off, Dave was one of those guys that every describes as "the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet."

dorney/creyer.jpg (27330 bytes)

Car #6 driven for several years by Dale Creyer, the "Flying Dutchman." Never a point titlist, Creyer finished in the top ten several years. Team had a matching sedan #67 that I thought was even more handsome than this coupe.

dorney/erney.jpg (24767 bytes)

Car #3 (and matching team car #50) was driven by Ken Erney. He won the Dorney Park Sportsman points title in 1982 in the #3.

frey.jpg (27520 bytes)

Car #85 was driven by Dennis Frey, nicknamed "Fluff" because of his head full of curly blonde hair. Rarely a front runner, Fluff was almost always in the feature, and often hovered around the top ten in the points standings.

roger001.jpg (22140 bytes)

Car #44 was owned by "Jolly Jack" Heffelfinger's cousin, Cal Heffelfinger, and driven for several years by Cal's brother, Roger. Roger won a Dorney Park Sportsman points title, I believe in 1971, and was the 5th winningest driver in Park history. This car was driven during the 1981 and 1982 Dorney Park seasons by John Andretti, Mario's nephew and current NASCAR Busch Series driver.

roger002.jpg (24262 bytes)

The #44 on the hook after Roger Heffelfinger took it for a spectacular ride upside down through the third turn. Believe it or not, he qualified for the feature this night via a 2nd place consi finish!

frick.jpg (23247 bytes)

The #28 car was owner driven by Bill Frick in 1979. Frick was never really a front runner, but the car was amazing. It ran at Dorney Park and other local tracks, including dirt tracks, essentially unchanged for about 20 years. Ownership and driving responsibilities changed, and color/number combinations changed, but this is basically the car as it was constructed around 1965!


I somehow came across your website and was totally shocked! You have pictures up of the ol' Dorney Park Speedway. Well, I went there as a kid from very young and the car number 85 "Fluff" was my stepdad! The car was owned by my grandfather.
Anyhow, it was so cool to see the older cars and actually think back! I remember all them guys too. I was oh lets see...8yrs old in 1979 but those were the days and I recall them very well :)
Thanks a million for the page!


Dear Dan,

I promised to send racing photos from the Summer of 1979 at Dorney Park Speedway. 

Dorney Park was a one-fifth mile paved oval, originally built as a midget track in the 1930s, and closed after the 1984 season. The full-sized cars began to race there in the early 1950s, and the modern classes were set by about 1960. The Hobby Division, later called the Late Model Division, was reserved for full-bodied cars. Up until the final years, the division was dominated by 55-57 Chevys. By the end, the Novas, early Chevelles and Camaros had taken over. The Sportsman Division was reserved for the stripped-down, early coupes and sedans. Although both divisions limited engine size to 318 ci, the Sportman Division allowed a lot more freedom in chassis and engine modifications.

The photos I'm sending are from the Sportsman Division, and were all taken during the Summer of 1979, right after I graduated high school. Please feel free to use any photos (or not) on your site. If you do use them, simply give me (Wayne Urffer) credit.

Well, thanks for allowing me to share this with you. I continue to 
come back to your site because I love looking at pictures of the old cars!


lilly.jpg (21047 bytes)

Car #23 was driven by Ed Lilly, who won the Dorney Park Sportsman points title in this car in 1980. I hated the color scheme, but otherwise, this was one of my favorite Park cars over the years.

parry.jpg (28003 bytes)

This beauty was driven by veteran racer Tim Parry, who won the Dorney Park Sportsman title in 1966 (not in this car). I believe in 1980, Parry drove this car to a 4th place points finish.

jack.jpg (24277 bytes)

Car #01 was driven by "Jolly Jack" Heffelfinger, who won the Dorney Park Sportsman points title in this car in 1979. He retired from racing after that achievement.