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"RD" Davis
Car #6

Robert "RD" Davis is from Belden, Ne. 

RD, a two year member of GOTRA says " I love racing with GOTRA,  I never found a better group to race with". 

And we are glad to have you RD!!

RD drove stockcars and sprints in California in the late 80's. Later he drove stockcars in Stuart, Ia.  His wife is Miss Linda.  As RD says: "She has put up with me for 10 years!"

RD has FIVE children! Tammy, Brian, Scott, Kenny and Veryl.  He also has 3 grandkids, Samantha 12, McKayla 6, and Timothy 6.

RD drives a 1936 Ford sedan with a 327 Chevy, 2-speed power glide and a quick change rearend.  The car was bought from JR Strong in Norfolk, Ne., who bought it from Bob Hazing in Lions, Ne.

RD won the 2003 Lucky Chamberlain award for the GOTRA member who best reflects Lucky's love of vintage racing and the philosophy of GOTRA, competition AND sportsmanship!