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To Dan's Model 'A'

Coupe Picture Page

Lots of graphics......please be patient!

The Model A as she looked when I bought her from Bob matson in 1997,  she was pretty rough.  We ended up replacing most of her before she went to the track.  Click on the image for a bigger view.

modela001.jpg (15844 bytes) modela002.jpg (23822 bytes) modela003.jpg (25635 bytes)

My little boy, Chance at age 4 modela-4.jpg (17380 bytes)

Before the crash, Lookin' Good!!

Chance, age 4, posing with the coupe.

Me and Dad, neck and neck!!

This one's fuzzy. The only existing picture of me and my dad racing. I'm in the Model "A", Dad's in my brother's coupe #89. This photo was taken at Beatrice, Ne. in 1997.

By baby, creamed and reamed,

After the crash...OOPS!! That wall was hard!


The result of my faulty welding of the steering shaft!

On the Hook!! Not my idea of fun.

wrecked01.jpg (13646 bytes)

Backin' her in.

wrecked02.jpg (19881 bytes)

She's very banged up.

It hurts just to look at her.

wrecked03.jpg (19321 bytes)

The frame folded up. Not all bad for MY  body!! 

wrecked04.jpg (16839 bytes)

The boom truck my brother Tracy borrowed.  He's running it.   I'm hookin' her up.

wrecked05.jpg (18986 bytes)

Jeremy's looking on.  

wrecked06.jpg (13099 bytes)

Jeremy, anticipating the coupe.

Notice the intense supervision..

Back at the homestead, unloading the car with a boom truck.  

My brother Tracy is running the boom. My nephew Shawn is on the left, 

son Jeremy in the middle and I'm on the right.

Jeremy is watching every movement of the boom.

Just getting her to the ground.

Tracy set her down gently.

What a mess!


We ended up using the boom to push her in.

She doesn't want to roll, it takes some persuasion.

In place, what a mess.  She was destroyed.

In the garage at last.

Have you ever seen skinnier legs!!

I walk away, pondering the future.

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