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Backyard Racing Team

Al Franks, Dan Franks, Jeremy Franks

The "Devil Woman" build




Here is what she looked like when I got her. No engine or trans, of course she needed almost everything.


The interior as it looked when I received her.



In the Backyard Racing shop at last!!



The underhood view as she first appeared.



I put a "mock up" engine in to determine the mounting position and create the mounts.



The "real" engine, blowproof bell housing and transmission assembly.



Here is the "real" engine, a 327 chevy with mechanical lifters and a cast iron Z-28 intake. This was taken before the distributor, carb and headers were installed.



This photo was taken after painting and before lettering. I did the painting myself (it's pretty obvious!) It looks good from a distance though!




At least I had a pro do the lettering and artwork on the "Devil Woman".


Watch the transformation of Tracy's coupe into car#89!


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