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    The 66 Car Is For Sale 

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    Here are some things we did to her.

    Click on thumbnail for bigger image.

    The 34 Ford as she looked when we got her, in the garage at home
    The sedan rear quarter view. # 34 was bought from Bobby Matson. I don't know who Reed Racing was.

    A view of the left front.
    Tracy is trying to tweak her a little.  We reworked the brakes and added racing shocks. 

    Front view, you can see we cut the firewall quite a bit. She used to have a Ford 6,
    The stock 327 from the Model "A", we did put a circle track pan on her. She has had one 307 and  one more 327 since.

    The engine installed with headers.  We added a tubular universal crossmember with engine mounts and cut out the 6 cyl mounts.
    See where we cut some more firewall?

    Al Franks, master crew chief, wiring her up.
    Dad again, trying to get her to go.

    The interior as it looked when we got her.
    Another view of her insides. We had stripped much of the floor. She had very little floor board.

    We added another hoop so that I could sit in the car comfortably.  We moved the seat back at least a foot.
    Looking through the back window at the interior.  We added a new fuel cell w/tip over valve and built a can for it.

    The interior pretty much completed, note the new 3" belts. We installed black sheet metal all around the cockpit area  against the door bars. We replaced the glass seat with an aluminum.
    On the trailer for her first outing.  We had shoe polish numbers then. We replaced all four tires and wheels.

    Chance, my little guy at 5 years old.  He loves these old stock cars!!
    With the numbers painted on.

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